Welcome to Sofia.

City of contradiction: ancient yet modern, mysterious yet accessible, but above all timeless, cosmopolitan, elegant, and vibrant. There’s no better place to visit if you’re looking for cultural riches or diverse activities (not to mention friendly locals).

1Sofia is Europe’s second oldest capital city and 7000 years of existence have gifted it a unique atmosphere of its very own. It’s numerous historical and architectural monuments harbor the wise messages of centennial cultural experience. The very name of the city, Sofia, has preserved for the generations one of the most beautiful cultural symbols of Christianity – the ‘divine wisdom’.

2One of the first things you will notice about Sofia is the fact that it is chockfull of massive, ancient, and stunning architectural buildings throughout its many city streets. Once you’ve settled in and begun to explore, you’ll find it a surprisingly vibrant place, especially on fine days, when its lush public gardens and pavement cafés buzz with life. Stylish restaurants, chic bars, and buzzing nightclubs mean that night time need never be boring, whilst the many and varied theatres, concert halls, and cinemas ensure there’s always a more relaxed alternative. During the day you can take advantage of countless snug cafes, interesting galleries, and famous museums.



All conference activities will be held at the following location:


25 Nezabravka Str.

Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

GPS: N 42.6741459 E 23.3484383

Website: http://www.parkhotelmoskva.net/


Transportation to PARK HOTEL MOSKVA:

  • From Sofia Airport: subway to station Joliot Curie


3Park-Hotel “Moskva” is situated in the diplomatic district, next to greenest and the most beautiful part of Sofia – the Borisova garden. Snug from the bustle of the city centre and yet in the heart of the events, the hotel offers a peaceful place for important business meetings and conferences, as well as a comfortable place to stay. Park Hotel Moskva offers 7 different conference rooms of varying sizes. The plenary hall can hold up to 600 delegates. It is easily accessible from all main transport terminals – it lays 15 minutes away from Sofia’s airport and 20 minutes away from the central bus and the railway stations. 4The subway station next to the hotel and the train line which passes through the green park of the Borisova garden, gives quick, additional access to the centre of the capital.

Park Hotel Moskva offers guest rooms which reveal magnificent panoramic view over the city, and are excellent for your peaceful and comfortable stay.